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From the Stop Mass Incarceration Network:

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February 26, 2014:  A Day of Outrage and Remembrance
for Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis

Hoodies Up!
Targets Up!
Fists Raised!
We’re Standing Up!
No More Murder of Black Youth!

No More Murder of Black Youth!February 26, two years since the modern day lynching of Trayvon Martin, eleven days after a Florida court refused to convict racist Michael Dunn for the murder of Jordan Davis. Wherever you are, put on your hoodies, get people together, print out these targets, and gather at the seats of power and influence or go to the public square.  Stand together in silence, hoodies up, fists raised, holding targets. Be part of creating a powerful visual image and stand of defiance that goes out around the world.

On Wednesday, February 26, join with people in your city or town. Put on a Hoodie for Trayvon, hold a target with the message of “No More” for Jordan and all the Black and Latino youth who this system views as suspects. Defiantly represent that we refuse to accept a target being put on the back of every Black youth in this country, we refuse to accept the declaration that Black people have no rights that white people are bound to respect.

February 26, make a difference. This action can break the paralysis by being the first national action against the mistrial of the murderer of young Jordan Davis and linking this outrage to the fight for justice for Trayvon. Be a part of puncturing the lie that there is nothing we can do—that we must accept this nightmare. Join with hundreds nationwide standing up to the murder of Black youth declaring that we are determined to stop it.

Don’t let your action be a secret from the world at large.  Take pictures of yourselves, post them and send them to and spread them everywhere.

Stop Mass Incarceration Network 347 979 3646 and on Facebook & Twitter

Locations for February 26 Day of Outrage and Remembrance for Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis actions:

NATIONAL Feb 26 Facebook event:

New York City

3 pm: St. Nicholas Park 135th & St. Nicholas Avenue Youth Speakout. By: NY Revolution Club

5 pm: Union Square (south side) E. 14th St. at Broadway.

5 pm: Harlem State Office Building, 125th St. at Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (Seventh Ave.) - Sponsored by October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation (New York), and Parents Against Police Brutality, and the Stop Mass Incarceration Network

6:30 pm: Everyone converge at Times Square at the red bleachers, at 47th St, between Broadway and 7th Ave

Los Angeles, Crenshaw District
March 2:30 pm at Slauson & Crenshaw
Rally 4 pm at MLK & Crenshaw

San Francisco Bay Area
4 pm: Rally & March, Fruitvale Bart Plaza, Oakland CA

Jacksonville, FL
4-6 pm: Rally, Hemings Plaza, 135 Monroe St. West.

Atlanta GA
Meet up: 4pm
5 Points Marta Station
(Peachtree side, downtown Atlanta)

Hoodies Up! flashmob and Speak Out
Bring your Hoodies and defiance

Dallas, TX
4:30 pm: Hoodies Up Vigil, Dealey Plaza (JFK Memorial) on Elm St.

Chicago, IL
5 pm: Daley Plaza, Washington and Dearborn

Greenville, SC
Malcolm X Center  &  WMXP / 95.5FM Community Radio National Day of Remembrance & Outrage
Radio Vigil
7:00 am  Uhuru Radio: From Trayvon to Stop and Frisk; From COINTELPRO to Black Misleadership - Resist the U.S. Gov't War on African People!
12 noon & 5:00 pm  Democracy NOW! 
2:00 -  4:00 pm  TANYA FREE & FRIENDS
Call in  804-321-1010/ Text  "TANYA" 72727
10:00 pm  Rev. Cory on Murder Under Color of Law

Greensboro NC
4:45 pm Corner of Elm and Market, downtown Greensboro.
Cleveland, OH
2:30 pm Downtown, across from Tower City.

Cincinnati, OH
4:00 pm Fountain Square.

 White Plains, NY
5 pm: Gather at the fountain by Macy's, corner of Mammaroneck Avenue and Main Street; then walk to the MLK statue behind the White Plains Library, Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd and Martine Avenue. By: WESPAC NY

New Haven, CT
5:30 pm: City Hall, Church Street.  By: ANSWER CT.

Newark, NJ
5 pm Broad and Market Streets, downtown Newark

Cambridge, MA
4-6 pm Central Square, speak out! By: Revolution Books Cambridge.

BSU at UW Milwaukee
Union Concourse at Noon