November 25, 2014
Free Noche Diaz!
Early evening on November 25, Edward “Noche” Diaz was singled out by the police and arrested at the intersection of W. 40th Street and 11thAvenue at a protest against the Ferguson grand jury decision to let Wilson, the cop who killed Michael Brown, walk.
Noche was singled out – pulled out of a demonstration of 1000's by police who labeled him as the main agitator for the action. Around the country people have been in the streets to protest the injustice of the decision – from Ferguson, to LA, Seattle, Arizona to Atlanta. The decision was a statement that ONCE AGAIN, the lives of Black people mean NOTHING to those who run this empire.
Noche Diaz is a young front-line fighter and leader in the struggle against stop-and-  frisk and mass incarceration. He is definitely known and hated by the police for this role.
It is imperative that the police know that the people have Noche's back and will not tolerate any further injustice or brutality against him.   We have heard that Noche is facing charges of Disorderly Conduct, Inciting to Riot and Resisting Arrest.  All of this are nothing but outright fabrications.  

The exoneration of killer cop Darren Wilson means one thing — that Black lives don’t matter, and the police are given green light to continue their rampage on Black and Latino communities.  Around the country—from coast-to-coast— people are on the streets making real the slogan, “If the killer cop walks, AmeriKKKa halts!”  As people are in the streets, more people are joining in and more and more people are questioning what’s happening to Black and Latino youth in this country.

They are nakedly targeting Noche Diaz, a leader in the movement of resistance to mass incarceration, and a member of the New York Revolution Club.  This cannot be allowed to pass at this moment in history where the people are indicting this illegitimate system and its open exoneration of killer cop Darren Wilson.


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Wilson Has Walked!  AmeriKKKa Must Come To A Halt!
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