Letter from Carl Dix on moving forward in weeks to come

This is a time when a lot can be accomplished in forging a powerful movement of resistance to police having a green light to murder people. Despite all the efforts by the powers that be to slam the door shut on people standing up and calling for this horror to STOP, Baltimore and the response to it across the country make clear that people aren't in a mood to silently accept police getting away with murder.

The beautiful and powerful outpourings of resistance need to continue and be taken to a higher level. The cops who murdered Freddie Gray being charged for their crimes is only the 1st step in the march to justice. Resistance must continue until they are convicted and put in jail. And this fight must be developed as part of nationwide fight to STOP police getting away with murder. Our efforts on April 14 helped kicked the door open for continued resistance, and we have an important role to play in ensuring that things get taken to a higher level. A key part of doing that will be working to unite all the people in this movement saying police getting away with murder must STOP, getting them working together to bring into being a movement acting on a nationwide level powerful enough to STOP it!

There are a few things that will be important in playing that role. One is to continue our focus on wide distribution of the poster with the pictures of dozens of people whose lives have been stolen by law enforcement. This poster makes concrete the widespread reality of the horror of police getting away with killing people, and it humanizes the people they kill. We need to figure out how to get huge numbers of copies of this poster printed and into the hands of people working to build the Stop Mass Incarceration Network in cities around the country.

Another is finding ways to enlist everybody who wants to see this horror stopped in working to do that over the summer. Here are some examples of ways that people could be enlisted over the summer:

*New York SMIN is calling for a youth summer, involving high school and college students in working to build this movement while school is out.

*Family members of police murder victims are planning a tribunal in July that will collect testimony documenting the horrible reality of peoples' lives being stolen by those who are sworn to protect and serve.

*And of course, there's raising the money needed to make all that we need to do happen. Fund raising is really an important way that a lot of people will be able to join our movement.

I'm sure there are other ideas of ways that people could be enlisted in moving forward off of what was accomplished thru April 14. Everyone should share their ideas on this, and we should share them and strategize over how to move forward over the summer. And Cornel West and I will have some ideas and proposals to add to this process in the weeks to come.

Carl Dix

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Statement of Carl Dix

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